Skiptracing and Locations


International Recovery Solutions' Winning Formula. 

Our accomplished skip tracing professionals are skilled, lateral thinkers. They have the ability to relate to individuals on all levels, have expert phone enquiry methods and a will to succeed. When combined with sophisticated technology, this personal approach ensures we are able to consistently produce high returns for our clients.  

We can locate your toughest skip quickly and cost effectively yet maintain a professional, respectful demeanour with your traced clients. 

The definition of a successful locate is one or more of the following;  

  • Home address

  • Work Address

  • Where the debtor has passed away and we establish who the executor of the estate is or contact is made with the next of kin. 

  • The security is located when applicable. 

  • Where the debtor is bankrupt (locate is for a debt) and we establish who the Trustee is. 



Repossessions are conducted Australia wide by carefully chosen, highly skilled and licensed IRS sub agents and Mercantile Agents. All agents conduct their business in the most professional and ethical manner adhering to all legislation and are continuously monitored by IRS.

Following successful repossession a Vehicle Condition Report and photos of your security is supplied and our client is notified as soon as possible that the security has been repossessed.

Investigation Services
IRS employees, sub-contractors and field agents carry all required licenses. Our Investigation services include Surveillance, Fraud Investigation, Peace of Mind, Background and Asset Enquiries with Data Forensics, Recovery and Investigations, Shut Downs and Lockouts


Field Calls and Process Serving 


IRS provides field calls Australia wide in both metropolitan and country areas. As representatives of our client we pride ourselves on our excellent standard of service and diligence in protecting the good will and reputation of our clients. 

Field calls are conducted when debt recovery cannot be satisfactorily achieved by letter or by telephone or for confirmation of an address of a subject. 

IRS’ definition of a field call is attendance at the subject’s given address in order to collect or recover monies or items on behalf of our clients.

Field calls are conducted for the:

  • Collection of outstanding monies, debts, arrears, over limit or overdrawn amounts

  • Collection and destruction of Credit Cards

  • Collection of cheque books

  • Confirmation of addresses

  • Sighting goods of value before issuing Warrants of Seizure

Debt Recovery 


IRS can work with established internal collection procedures as well as tailoring strategies based on our clients’ requirements and we endeavour to collect all debts during the initial stages using legal action as a last resort.

As a client of IRS, an experienced collections officer will be designated to your portfolio therefore having one point of contact for all your needs.

Our Debt Recovery services include:

  • Reminder Letters

  • Reminder Telephone Calls

  • Letters of Demand

  • Telephone Demands

  • Solicitors Letters of Demand



We offer a range of searches to enhance your person of interest's profile or to assist with debt recovery.

Our searches include:

  • Veda Advantage and International Credit Reports

  • Trade Reference Checks

  • ASIC Company and Business

  • Directorship

  • Land including Titles, Title Plans and Mortgage

  • Electoral roll

  • Internet Searches

  • Pre Employment and Address Verification Checks on Individuals in nearly 100 countries

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