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Repossessions are conducted in a timely manner Australia-wide by our very experienced, highly skilled, compliant Mercantile Agents. All agents conduct their business professionally and ethically, adhering to all legislation.

We aim to meet the requirements of the task at hand, whilst maintaining a human approach and protecting your brand and reputation.

Items often repossessed: Cars, motorbikes, trucks, machinery, boats, and water vessels, computers, printers, and other office equipment, as well as commercial/shop stock and fixtures. We have also had to repossess helicopters, cattle, livestock and furniture, white goods, and household appliances over the years.

Our repossession officers are trained in skiptracing and think outside the box whilst out in the field. This maximises the outcome whilst minimising the cost, time, and effort.


IRS offices SA and QLD – current Beebox Mercantile Compliance Certificates and Police Clearance and all relevant insurances.

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