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IRS Group are known in the industry for our Skip tracing and locating skills. For over 25 years, we have been the "go-to” place for locating hard-to-find persons of interest whilst not breaking the budget.​

Our accomplished skip tracing professionals are skilled, lateral thinkers from varied backgrounds. This formula, combined with sophisticated technology, and a personal/individual approach, ensures we can consistently produce high returns for our clients.

We can locate some of your toughest skips, quickly and cost-effectively, yet maintain a professional, respectful, discreet demeanor with your traced subjects. Sometimes a full locate is not required and merely an address verification or phone number, email etc needs to be found, this is sometimes referred to as a reverse skiptrace or locate. We have access to numerous advanced databases and have decades of investigative techniques and networks to give you the best chance of making contact. ​

Here at IRS Group, we locate information​, persons, addresses, or phone numbers for various reasons including; debt recovery, missing family/ loved ones, adoption matters, witness location, missing clients, reunions, wills and estates, infidelity cases, peace of mind, potential dating etc.


  • Basic Skip searches  

  • Results reported

  • Residential or business enquiries.

  • This service is also suitable for bulk batches of skips and/or debt recovery. 


  • Intermediate searches,  includes calls and some advance searches.

  • Residential or business enquiries.

  • Suitable for Debt Recovery, Missing Clients, Potential dating etc

  • 21-30 day turn around (approximately)


  • Advanced searches and a full report of findings during the locate, such as discovered assets, businesses, associates etc. This is a capped mini-Investigation.

  • Suitable for Solicitor matters, Infidelity cases, Witness Location, Will and Estates etc. 

  • 7-14 day turn around



  • Advanced Searches and a full report of the Investigation, such as discovered assets, businesses, associates etc. This is an investigation, with our Senior  investigators attending to the file;  working in conjunction with our metro field agent if required. 

  • **This search is used if you require an URGENT Locate as it takes precedence over matters already being worked**

  • Turnaround time is negotiated at time of Instructions


  • This Service starts at $900+GST 

  • We have a trusted network of International agents that we collaboratively work with, to gain the best results. e.g Indonesia, New Zealand, China, UK/USA etc.

  • Turnaround time is negotiated at time of Instructions

*Reports and searches may vary with each matter. 

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