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Our office can and does conduct fraud enquiries, asset and background enquiries, peace of mind fidelity, and chat checking. These may include some of the below searches and carefully targeted telephone, and online chatting, teamed at times with field enquiries. These are in-depth investigations that do not fall within the scope of a locate/skiptrace and are charged out per hour + disbursements. Have a budget in mind and talk to us to work within your scope.


Searches that could be included:


               Address / Telephone History

               Business / Employment background enquiries

               Financial standing (credit rating, etc where available)

               Reported court actions / judgments

               Reputation Checks (Positive / negative references etc)

               People Searches

               Ancestory Searches

               Professional licensing and Industry searches

               Date of Birth

               Nationwide Federal and State Bankruptcy Searches

               Nationwide Federal and State Civil Judgment searches

               Directorship/Business searches

                Property Ownership Search

               Alias/Maiden Name Check

               Possible Relatives and Addresses

               Email Addresses where reported

               Media and Social media searches

               Dating sites

               Internet Domains

               Death Index Check

               PPSR registry searched where identifiers are known (Serial numbers, Full details)

               Tenancy searches

               Local area enquiries

               Known association enquiries

               Extensive cross-referencing

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