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IRS Group provides field services, Australia wide, in both metropolitan and country areas. As representatives of our clients, we pride ourselves on our excellent standard of service and diligence in protecting the goodwill and reputation of our clients.


Process Serving is conducted for Court Documents, Letters of Demand, default notices etc.

A field call is attendance at the subject’s given address/s in order to collect or recover monies, information, photos, or items on behalf of our clients.

Affidavits are completed in a timely manner and where possible witnessed by our in house JP.

Field calls are conducted for some of the following reasons:

· Collection of outstanding monies, debts, arrears, over the limit or overdrawn amounts

· Collection and destruction of Credit Cards

· Insurance matters

· Determine occupants for "Occupier accounts" and or mortgagee possessions.

· Sight access to energy meters, life support customer verification and intention to pay

· Confirmation of addresses

· Sighting goods/assets for litigation purposes.

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